Pregnancy Discrimination

                    Working mothers and soon-to-be-mothers often face challenges in the workplace beyond balancing their many responsibilities.  If you are pregnant or a mother, you no doubt see yourself as a mother first and foremost, before an employee.  However, your employer is required by law to treat you with the same respect as everyone else.  At a minimum, this means not discriminating against employees by demeaning, demoting, firing, or refusing to promote them just for being pregnant – it means not punishing women for being mothers instead of just employees.  In many states, including New Jersey, employers are also required to provide employees reasonable accommodations to help ensure that their pregnancies are healthy and safe. 

                These laws are in place to protect employees, especially when they’re most vulnerable and least able to protect their legal rights – after all, when you’re pregnant, your foremost concern is your child, not your job.  If you believe you’ve been discriminated against or taken advantage of due to your pregnancy, please reach out to Matsikoudis & Fanciullo.  We make it our business to make sure working people receive the legal rights and protection to which they are entitled.

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