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Personal Injury

We represent clients who have suffered serious injuries. People should not be expected to endure pain and suffering caused by defective products and unsafe conditions without compensation, and we stand ready to sue in order to obtain just award for our clients.

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Employment Litigation

Sexual harassment and racial discrimination in the workplace can not only kill careers, it can shatter lives. We have successfully fought on behalf of women who have been sexually assaulted and harassed at work – women who have bravely stood up despite the potential consequences to seek basic respect for themselves and their bodies. The #MeToo movement has shined a light on harassment and sexual assault our culture had silently permitted for too long. We are proud we have used litigation to obtain significant compensation for women, many of whom work in everyday positions, which has assisted them in finding peace and recovery.

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Environmental Litigation

Compelling corporate polluters to clean up contamination they have created is one of our greatest passions. Since we founded our law firm, we have successfully represented clients that include several nonprofits and a major city, and compelled major corporations to remediate environmental contamination they had dumped and let sit for decades. These efforts have built upon the success we enjoyed as government lawyers: In our prior careers, we successfully forced multiple major companies to undertake important remediation projects that opened up blighted, dangerously contaminated wastelands for economic development and parks, while bringing millions of dollars to the treasury.

Commercial Litigation and Corporate Advice

Our corporate clients include  an energy consulting business, and construction and development companies. We frequently litigate breach of contract claims, tortious interference actions, commercial lease disputes, and various employment matters in the state and federal courts of New Jersey, New York and Illinois. Additionally, we provide legal advice and draft documentation such as contracts and asset purchase agreements, for publicly minded businesses.

Urban Redevelopment

As attorneys for the City of Jersey City, New Jersey, we worked on economic development issues related to one of greatest urban turnarounds in American history. We have thus witnessed the power of redevelopment: When more citizens live in an urban core, we believe civilization is enhanced – and the environment is better protected. We employ our expertise to assist clients get approvals to transform blighted properties via both top-notch residential and job-creating industrial developments. To this end, we bring a wealth of experience in government law, in addition to experience in media, private “big firm” law practice and politics to help our clients achieve positive results.

Civil Rights and Community Advocacy

Our mission is to help citizens with inferior resources obtain justice. We have successfully litigated to shine a light on government operations by compelling the production of government records, against a developer that received improper zoning permits which would have damaged the quality of life for numerous residents, and on behalf of a nonprofit against a corporate slumlord. Additionally, we have steep experience in Civil Rights litigation, which is an important tool in preventing governments from depriving residents of their constitutional rights.

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