Muffin Line Oven Replacement

A new customer contacted BABBCO with a challenge. The challenge was to increase their production capacity by 20% to 30% without increasing the size of their existing oven footprint. The customer wanted to replace an existing European convection oven with a new tunnel oven to increase their production capacity. Unfortunately, there was no additional space available in the building to install a larger tunnel oven. Increasing the size of the oven would have required the customer to expand their building. Expanding the building was not an option due to budget constraints and the need for a quick return on investment (ROI). We advised the customer that this challenge could easily be met by visiting our technical center. After several days of testing multiple oven types and heating technologies, we were able to find the perfect solution. We found that our BABBCO Air Impingement Tunnel Oven was able to reduce the customer’s baking time by 30% while improving the product quality.

The next challenge was to remove the existing European convection oven and install the new BABBCO Air Impingement Tunnel Oven in less than 6 days. The BABBCO installation team was up to the challenge. The new oven was pre-assembled, pre-plumbed, pre-wired and fully tested prior to shipment ensuring a quick installation time. The existing European convection oven was removed in 24 hours. The new 13′-wide x 110′-long (useable hearth dimensions) BABBCO Air Impingement Tunnel Oven was installed and up & running the afternoon of the 5th day. The oven replacement project was a complete success and the customer ended up with a new BABBCO Tunnel Oven that improved product quality, reduced baking time by 30%, and increased production capacity by the same amount all without having to increase the footprint of the oven.

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