Just Because an Insurance Company Says Your Case Isn’t Worth Much, Doesn’t Mean its True

Just because a defendant or an insurance company says that your case isn’t worth much does not mean that it’s true. Here at Matsikoudis & Fanciullo, we trust our clients, not our adversaries. If we think you have a good case, we will turn over every stone to try to prove it. 

We recently concluded an age discrimination case after substantial discovery. We tried to settle the case before we filed the lawsuit, but the defendant company tried to offer us “nuisance value” to resolve the matter, saying that our case was frivolous. But, we believed our client. 

After we obtained reports from three experts and took a half dozen depositions, we knew we had put together a strong case to present to a jury. And so did the defendant, which is why it changed its tune (and offer) from “nuisance value” to settle the case for more than six-figures.  

Whether it’s an age discrimination case like this one, a whistle blower case, a personal injury matter or business litigation, if we think you have a strong case,  we will spend the time and the money needed to put together the strongest case  we can and will fight hard to get you the result you deserve. 

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